If you've read Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, you too may have been thinking about who could portray all these fascinating characters. Here are a few suggestions - some are better matches than others, and a few I personally think are perfect. Alternative and new suggestions as well as additional characters will be added whenever inspiration strikes. Thanks to those whose suggestions I snagged, particularly the denizens of the Flewelling Yahoogroup and my friend Samena.

LitS = Luck in the Shadows (book 1)
SD = Stalking Darkness (book 2)
TM = Traitor's Moon (book 3)


Description(s) from the books

Possible actor(s)


Indeed, Alec was well favored, Seregil thought, amused by his companion's discomfort. The boy was lightly built and supple, with dark, intelligent blue eyes in a fair face that blushed easily and concealed little. [...] The ragged, honey-gold hair looked like it had been trimmed with a skinning knife, but time would fix that, too.

LitS, p. 20

Travis Fimmel:


William Moseley:


Beka Cavish

Of all the girls, Beka alone had taken after her father. Freckles peppered her fair skin, and an unkempt mare's tail of coppery red hair tumbled over her shoulder as she leaned forward to clasp hands with Alec. She had rather too much of her father's features to be beautiful, but her sharp blue eyes and ready smile would never let her be called homely either.

LitS, p. 294

Lauren Ambrose:



She must be as old as Nysander, thought Alec. The woman's face was deeply lined and the heavy braid coiled at her neck shone white as moonlit snow.

LitS, p. 205



Mardus' soulless black eyes [...]

LitS, p. 1

Boraneus [Mardus] was tall, with the high coloring and thick, blue-black hair of a true Plenimaran. He was younger than Seregil had expected, no more than forty, and extremely handsome despite the thin scar that ran from the inner corner of his left eye to the cheekbone. His black eyes sparkled rakishly as he shared some joke with the mayor's wife, but when the smile faded his face had a veiled, unreadable quality.

LitS, p. 68

Billy Wirth:
Billy Wirth

Micum Cavish

The hood was thrown back now to reveal a freckled, strongly featured face under a thick mane of auburn hair. Heavy reddish brows overshadowed his pale blue eyes, and an even heavier mustache drooped over the corners of his mouth. [...] At closer range, he was surprised to see that the man's hair was sprinkled with silver around the temples.

LitS, p. 60

Tom Towles


Kevin McKidd



Turning, she saw the speaker was a dark-haired man dressed in a plain brown tunic and worn riding leathers. His thick brown hair was tied back beneath a black-and-white patterned sen'gai. By his stance, Beka guessed him to be a soldier.
He's as handsome as Uncle Seregil, she thought.
The man was taller than Seregil, and perhaps a bit older, too, but had the same wiry build. His face was darkly tanned and wider through the cheekbones, giving it a more angular cast. He met her questioning look with a disarming smile; his eyes, she noted for no good reason, were a particularly clear shade of hazel.

TM, p. 77

Karl Urban:


Nathaniel Arcand:



Taken by surprise, Alec turned to find a tall, thin old man smiling down on him. His long, good-natured face was seamed with age around the eyes and brow, and his short beard and the curling hair that thickly fringed his balding pate were silvery white, yet he stood as straight and easy as Alec himself. The dark eyes beneath the unruly white eyebrows revealed nothing but friendly interest.

LitS, p. 168

Ian McKellen


Christopher Plummer


Frank Langella



Rolan pushed back the thick brown hair that hung now in damp waves over his shoulders. [...] Rolan somehow seemed taller in the daylight, though he was not a large man at all. Rather, he was slender and fine-featured, with large grey eyes set over high cheekbones and a long, narrow nose. His mouth was fine, almost thin, and tilted at the moment in a lopsided grin that made him look younger than Alec would have guessed before.

LitS, p. 16

Damien Sargue:


Wes Ramsey:



[...] a thin young man in a spotless blue and white robe hurried in with an armload of leafy branches. His curly black hair was closely cropped and the sparse black beard edging his cheeks accentuated the gaunt planes of his pale, angular face. [...] his pale green eyes [...]

LitS, p. 177

Diego Lema:



[...] a wild-looking man in rough clothing [...]

Valerius' unkempt black hair stood out in violent disorder beneath the cracked brim of his disreputable felt hat. His beard bristled belligerently, and the rich black thatch that covered the backs of his hands and forearms and curled forth from the unlaced neck of his tunic gave him a bearish look. His clothes, like those of most drysians, were plain and stained with hard travel. His heavy silver pendant and smooth-worn staff, together with the pouches of every size and description hanging from the belt girding his ample middle, marked him as a drysian. Deep lines bracketing his mouth warned of a formidable nature.

LitS, p. 188

Patrick Stewart


Anthony Hopkins


Vargûl Ashnazai

Ashnazai's sharp, sallow face [...]

LitS, p. 1

A narrow, whey-faced fellow with lank dark hair, Trygonis was apparently doing his dour best to avoid being drawn into conversation with the garrulous matrons seated on either side of him. Splendidly dressed as he was in the regalia of a Plenimaran diplomat, to Seregil's practiced eye his pale skin and silent, peering manner told a different tale. He had more the look of one who spent his life huddled over books in rooms where sunlight never penetrated.

LitS, p. 68/69



Ylinestra was stunningly beautiful. Framed in a mass of raven hair, her face was at once delicate and sensual. Her eyes were the deep, velvety purple of a summer iris. The loose-flowing garment she wore was made of embroidered silk so sheer it did little more than tint the voluptuous body it draped.

LitS, p. 181

Isabelle Adjani: